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Interview with Gwen Hill of ExhibitForce

05/18/17 by Brandon

Today we’d like to share with you a short interview we did with Gwen Hill, Certified Trade Show Marketer at ExhibitForce, who we had the pleasure of sitting down with at the Exhi...

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International Exhibiting Glossary – Part 2

04/06/17 by Brandon

Last week we started talking about terms used for international exhibiting that differ from those you’d find in U.S. based shows. I’m focusing more on Europe but they are prett...

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International Exhibiting Glossary – Part 1

03/16/17 by Brandon

The idea for this blog came to me when I was talking to a client who was getting ready to exhibit in London, England. She opened up by saying she had a 10×10 booth, and I had to s...

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When Rental Cars Aren’t Needed

03/02/17 by Brandon

Rental cars are like Slim Jims ─ you either like them or you don’t, as the commercial says. Well in the rental car world, they are either a blessing or a curse when it comes to...

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The Exhibitor Manual – Food and Beverage Enhances Your Exhibit

02/16/17 by EE Team

  So last week we talked about Specialty Furniture and how it can enhance your exhibit and provide a hospitality aspect to your marketing and sales strategy. Hand in ha...

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