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International Exhibiting Glossary – Part 1

03/16/17 by Brandon

The idea for this blog came to me when I was talking to a client who was getting ready to exhibit in London, England. She opened up by saying she had a 10×10 booth, and I had to s...

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When Rental Cars Aren’t Needed

03/02/17 by Brandon

Rental cars are like Slim Jims ─ you either like them or you don’t, as the commercial says. Well in the rental car world, they are either a blessing or a curse when it comes to...

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The Exhibitor Manual – Food and Beverage Enhances Your Exhibit

02/16/17 by EE Team

  So last week we talked about Specialty Furniture and how it can enhance your exhibit and provide a hospitality aspect to your marketing and sales strategy. Hand in ha...

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The b62 Tool-less Frame System

01/19/17 by Brandon

A while back, we did an interview with Mike Morrison, Director of Business Development at beMatrix USA. In that interview he talked about the b62 Tool-less Frame System. Today, I w...

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How do Fabric Trade Show Displays Save Money?

01/05/17 by Brandon

Saving money, or working with a reduced budget, is one of the most important topics the trade show community has asked me to talk about. So this week, I wanted to explore the use o...

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