Booth Selection Cost Saving Ideas

04/10/2013 by Bev

Let's save some money in a large part of your trade show budget - your booth space cost! I know.  You will tell me that booth spaces cost about the same amount per unit at any given show. You would be correct. Let's think outside of the box. I...

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Drayage – Yuck!

03/23/2013 by Bev

The dictionary defines dray (the root word in drayage) as a low cart without fixed sides, used for carrying heavy loads. In days gone by, the cart would be pulled by a "dray horse". The larger word "drayage" is more associated with the cost to move h...

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Six Things To Do Before Your Next Trade Show

03/04/2013 by admin

Before you head to your next trade show, be sure that you do these six things! Embed This Infographic On your Site Copy and paste the code below to add this Infographic to Your Website. via: Exhibit Edge ...

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How to Choose the Right Promotional Item

02/26/2013 by Letise

C’mon admit it – you love the freebies!  Whether it’s the sample display at the grocery store, the coupon for the free item from our favorite store, or the giveaway from our preferred vendor -- we all like something that’s free! The same ...

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Drayage for Dummies

02/12/2013 by Letise

There are many things that may surprise you throughout the exhibiting process, but one that gets many newbies is drayage.  Sure, you may think about shipping, but understanding the full scope of what is involved is often a major budget item overlook...

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