b62 Extrusion Frame Doors – Tool-Less Connectors

05/26/15 by EE Team

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Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire demo you will need to watch the video

Today we are going to talk about the b62 matrix frame door. I want to highlight the door because when you talk about the exhibit show floor, a lot of times the door frames are flimsy and small and this b62 frame door answers that question with the solid full height door. I want to show you a few features of the door.

  • We are using the gloss white laminate – you can even use a full height graphic on or a small graphic, you can change the color of the laminate or sintra matching your company logo colors. Just remember that the door is a Velcro on, so the application of the material becomes easy
  • A solid handle- the handle will come apart without all the mechanism coming apart for easy storage inside the crate. It is a ready to go handle
  • A full key – it is a full key to lock a solid door. It’s a secure door

Now let’s talk a little bit about how the door attaches. All you need is a corner connector. The corner connector has 2 different types of screw-in connectors. The back frame can use the tool-less connector and the side frame where it goes into the door will have to use the flush mount connector – corner connector at the top, L bracket or side mount connector at the bottom at each end and the door is ready to go.

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