Authorized Federal Supplier

Exhibit Edge Inc. has been awarded two GSA Schedule contracts with three SINs.

Contract # GS-23F-0157R
Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions

541- 4C
Exhibit Design & Implementation Services for various venues, such as trade shows, museums, lobbies, malls, etc.
Components include, but are not limited to:

Conceptualize, Design and Produce Exhibits
Develop Conceptual Design and Layouts
Arrange and Produce all Related Exhibit Items
Set-up and Dismantle of Exhibit Property
Clean, Prepare, and Store Exhibit Property
Ship Exhibit Property to and from Site
Create Media Services

Other Direct Costs (ODCs) are expenses other than labor hours. All ODCs proposed must be directly related to a service being offered under this Schedule and can only be purchased in conjunction with the Schedule service. Possible ODCs may include items such as audio visual equipment, facility rental, commercial production, media costs, booth space rental, etc.

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