b62 Extrusion Frame Counters – Tool-Less Connection

05/12/15 by EE Team

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Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire demo you will need to watch the video

We have been talking about the b62 frame system, where 62 stands for 62mm distance between the hole and the width of the panel and everything that creates the frame. Today we are going to talk about the b62 counter.

I want to go over the b62 features again to show you how the counters are put together

We have had a lot of success with white gloss material used on the counters. It is called CompBond, or Aluminum Composite Panel. Basically it is a piece of sintra with aluminum on the inside and outside. It is a 3-layer composite board creating a very strong material and it has an amazing gloss finish to it. It does come in many other colors even matte colors as well (color chart shown in video). White is the most used color for our rentals. You can also take white laminate and contact cement it to PVC or Sintra to create the panel as well. However this white laminate comes pre-made and you just cut per counter dimensions.

Last time we had talked about graphic panels which are velcroed on to the frame. Here I am going to demonstrate the attachment.

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