Internet Services Pt. 1: Internet Order Form

01/25/18 by Brandon

In one of our previous blog posts, we left off saying we were going to take a look at the internet order form. On the form you’ll find a lot of technical terms like shared Ethern...

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Show Site Shipping Companies

01/11/18 by Brandon

Show site shipping companies work with the general contractor to provide outbound shipping services. You know who they are─those colorful flyers that that are passed out to every...

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The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

12/19/17 by Brandon

Many people look at sales and marketing as basically the same thing. However, there is a big difference between sales and marketing, but they do need each other to work effectively...

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THE EXHIBITOR MANUAL – Material Handling Rates and Form

12/12/17 by Brandon

Today marks the start of our new series on the Exhibitor Manual. The general contractor for each show is usually the company that produces and distributes the manual. Most manu...

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Picking and Training a Good Exhibit Staff

11/30/17 by Brandon

Picking and training a good exhibit staff is a critical part of the sales and marketing process. Sales and marketing managers plan what to bring to the show floor. They also decide...

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