Arlington Transportation

Arlington Transportation Partners, business-to-business transportation consultants, support businesses, residential communities and commercial properties to create transportation programs for the reduction of single occupancy trips in Arlington County, Virginia. They have an on-going requirement to create citizen transportation information units for all public building in Arlington County. The units are to help citizens with cost and energy saving modes of transportation for their destination.

Exhibit Edge was commissioned to design two types of free standing units, at different price points, and a wall unit option to display a large map of the local area. The units also have pockets to keep and distribute pamphlets about the various forms of transportation throughout the county, such as bus schedules, taxis, the Washington, D.C.’s Metro system, etc.

Since the map is replaced regularly, we also incorporate an easy locked access for map replacement. There is also lots of storage in the same area for extra pamphlets. The units must be easy to move, sturdy to not fall over and durable to withstand the many individuals using them daily.

We fabricate the units out of wood, aluminum, aluminum laminate, and clear Plexiglas. They are typically fabricated in groups of ten to save costs, keeping three prototypes on hand for viewing. We have been building these units for 11 years for Arlington Transportation.