Things You Wish You Knew Before Your First Trade Show

04/21/16 by EE Team

For many small businesses, trade shows are make-or-break events. There’s the potential for big sales or big busts, and your business’s performance is based on your booth, your ...

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From Thumb Drive to Monitor: Getting your Presentation Running on the Show Floor

08/06/15 by Bev

We get a lot of questions from clients on the show floor about how to plug their thumb drive into the USB ports of the monitor in order to play their presentations (PowerPoint, Key...

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Booth Selection Cost Saving Ideas

04/10/13 by Bev

Let's save some money in a large part of your trade show budget - your booth space cost! I know.  You will tell me that booth spaces cost about the same amount per unit at any ...

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Drayage – Yuck!

03/23/13 by Bev

The dictionary defines dray (the root word in drayage) as a low cart without fixed sides, used for carrying heavy loads. In days gone by, the cart would be pulled by a "dray horse"...

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Six Things To Do Before Your Next Trade Show

03/04/13 by Bev

Before you head to your next trade show, be sure that you do these six things! Embed This Infographic On your Site Copy and paste the code below to add this Infographic to Yo...

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When It’s All Said and Done

01/26/13 by Bev

You’ve been planning it for months, and now it’s all over.  You have time and money invested, and you feel it was well spent.  The last attendee has left your booth, and you ...

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Full Service Display House: Don’t Do It Alone!

01/22/13 by Bev

  Have you ever been in this situation?  You receive an estimate for some services you need performed; and once you see the numbers, you think to yourself, “I can to...

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The Roles Played in Exhibiting

12/31/12 by Bev

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, so now is the perfect time to think of new ways to grow your business!  Exhibiting is a unique way to position your company with your cus...

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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Booth Selection

12/30/12 by Bev

If you have ever exhibited at a trade show, then you know there are countless decisions and plans to be made.  Starting months in advance, you begin design discussions, budget ass...

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Trade Show Seniority – High School All Over Again

11/30/12 by Bev

No matter which clique you were a part of in high school or what yearbook label you were stuck with, everyone knew that the seniors ruled the school.  Remember that first day of y...

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