EdgeLink, The Online Management Tool for the Exhibit Industry – Part 2

Last week we started the series on the Online Management System and we talked about the gold standard for our industry, a product line from a company called Exhibit Force.

This week I want to go over the three different product lines they offer:

  1. Event Management – It covers
    1. Task
    2. Budgeting
    3. Surveys and Measurements
    4. Goals and Objectives
  2. Asset Management – It covers
    1. Real Time Inventory
    2. Interface for Ordering – this means that we can interact with our clients and our clients can interact with us.
    3. Custom Branding – as I mentioned last week that Exhibit Force, when you look online on Exhibit Edge’s website, it is branded as EdgeLink.
    4. Shipping & Receiving
  3. Project Management – for a display house it can mean that when building a 100k exhibit, it can keep track of everything. For you as a corporate client, it can mean taking an event in a project and separating out into different areas. What this program does
    1. It creates time lines
    2. It creates work flow
    3. It creates financial reporting options
    4. It talks about system integration

So above are the 3 tiers that Exhibit Force offers. What most exhibit companies use is Asset Management which we will cover next week.

As always please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about ExhibitorLounge.com. We’ll see you next week. Until then I’m your host, Michael Gray, telling you to relax in the Exhibitor Lounge.