Fabric Steamers

I was at a trade show in Hawaii and I walked up to an exhibit, talked to the client who was putting up a fabric pop up exhibit and they were putting up the fabric on the frame. I talked to them and told them that the fabric never has to come off the frame and you can simply fold it. The response to me was that I do not want it to get too wrinkled. That made me think that I should do a video on Steamers especially the good commercial ones that you can use on fabrics.

Demo of sample steamer shown.

Here are some of its features:

  • It can hold significant amount of water around 8oz.
  • It is extremely compact and can fit in your suitcase
  • It heats up quickly

All you have to do is to take this steamer and fit it inside your exhibit case, take an extension cord and you can start using it. To have this steamer can save you a lot of time and then you can leave your fabric on the frame. The concept being “Let the Fabric Stay.” The reason why I am telling you this is that you can fill this steamer with any water in the convention center and you can steam for around 10 minutes which is a good amount of time to take care of your 8’x10’ or 10’x10’ fabric backdrop. The only drawback to this steamer is that if you do turn it sideways, the water will spill. So it is hard to get to the bottom however it is very quick and easy to work with.

How to Use it – Once you see the steam coming out, you take it to the fabric and touch the fabric and work your way up and down and across to get the wrinkles out.

Bottom line – Ordering a steamer as opposed to taking the fabric off and on the frame is a great way to go as then you don’t have to take the fabric off and you can order one at Exhibit Edge.

As always please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about ExhibitorLounge.com. We’ll see you next week. Until then I’m your host, Michael Gray, telling you to relax in the exhibitor lounge.