Guide to Tradeshow Planning – Trade Show Lead Capture Pt 8

12/03/15 by Brandon

So today we will continue to detail the questions and answers that drilled down inside the third part of the final exhibit planning checklist. This checklist is for the Exhibitor Lounge 10 x 10 exhibit that went to the ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas. The third main category of the checklist is Booth Flow and Trade Show Lead Capture.

So here are the questions and the answers we came up with during our meetings.

Trade Show Lead Capture Question: How can we do interviews on the Exhibitor Lounge stage and still signup lots of people at the same time?

Answer: We would need to shoot at an angle instead of straight on like we do in the studio. We would also have 3 different ways to sign people up – by laptop, by handwritten card and by a business card slot in the counter. Remember, our marketing objective was to sign up 200 to 300 people a day. Multiple ways to sign people up was important.

Question: How can we take the existing Exhibitor Lounge structure and make it work in a smaller 10 x 10 space?

Answer: Let’s stage it in the showroom and practice. By doing this we learned that we needed to position the interview chairs together on the audience left side of the stage to keep the Exhibit Edge logo exposed. Adding a second chair would have normally covered the logo. We also realized that we needed side panels to block out our neighbors and keep the background behind the chairs the same as the back wall background. If we didn’t add side panels then we would have people in the aisle walking by in the video background, which would have been very distracting.

Trade Show Lead Capture Question: Do we want a lead retrieval machine or internet?

Answer: We decided that we did not need either one. It has always been the objective of the Exhibitor Lounge to give back to the trade show community and just provide quality tips and training. We did not want to do the “sales pitch” on our subscribers by flooding them with sales information after the show. Therefore we did not need to collect attendee information other than the first name and email address needed to sign up new subscribers. So no lead retrieval. Also we determined that people who attended the show did not need instant access to our subscription as they were too busy at the show anyway and could wait a week to receive the newsletter and video training programs. So no internet. Our trade show lead capture consisted of collecting canned information and send it back to the office each day at the end of the day. We would just download an app on the laptop that would let people type in their first name and email and we would save the information on the laptop and email it back to the office each night. The office would then process the names and send out a welcome response.