Interactive Games and Activities for Your Exhibit

11/30/10 by Bev

Our exhibitor clients are always looking for new and fun ways to better engage attendees at various trade shows. The tried and true strategies for exhibit engagement include trade show magicians, raffles, contests, and give-aways. However, if you are looking for a really innovative way to stand out from the rest, you might want to think in a completely different direction. The team at The Inside Track Games bring together a number of unique and interactive tools for your exhibit in a whole new way; from interactive video sports screens and ‘Dance Head’ videos to arcade games and casino tables complete with dealers, you’ll no doubt get some great ideas by looking at the services they offer.

We were introduced to the team over at The Inside Track Games a few weeks ago and have had a blast talking about all of the different services they offer. We’ve highlighted a few that we think have great potential for use in your next trade show exhibit.

Dance Heads

dance headsThis was one of our absolute favorite things to watch. Dance Heads superimpose participants’ heads onto funny, animated dancing bodies while the participants sing and nod along (with funny facial expressions). The scenes have funny backgrounds and sure to catch the eye of everybody walking by on the show floor. Up to three attendees at a time can lip sync to the song while their animated bodies dance to the music. This fun add-on to your exhibit could draw an absolutely huge crowd to your booth – so just be sure that you are ready to integrate your sales message into the draw.

Text really doesn’t do this justice, so check out the video below. And if you want to see more, just head on over to YouTube and search ‘dance heads’.

[vimeo clip_id=”15053936″ width=”600″ height=”450″]

Putting Challenge

putting challengeWhat would excite a bunch of professional business men more than a putting green competition? The Putting Green that The Inside Track Games has is not your ordinary, in-home putting carpet, not by any stretch. This Putting Challenge II is the Cadillac of faux putting greens, including features such as:

  • 72 possible putting configurations
  • After each putt the contour of the putting surface changes for another challenging hole
  • Accommodates up to four players at one time
  • Lights and auto-score keeping

This is a great way to engage corporate clients using a game that a very large number of them know and love.

Draw A Crowd

The Inside Track Games offers a number of other activities that can be integrated into a trade show exhibit to attract more visitors. From rock climbing walls to Nascar arcade games, if you need to spice up your exhibit, they just may have something to help you do that.

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