Interview with Jim Wurm from E2MA – Live from the ExhibitorLive Show 2015

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Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire interview you will need to watch the video.

Here is an interview I want to highlight this week that was conducted at the ExhibitorLive Show 2015 held in Vegas in March with Jim Wurm, Executive Director, E2MA.

Mike Gray (Host): What brings you to the show floor?

Jim W. (Guest):  Our constituents, members are both exhibitors and their suppliers, their EAC’s and this is a great gathering place for all our members and we come to support them and hopefully to provide them with a little bit of new information and education and how they can each improve their business or their exhibit program.

Mike Gray (Host): Tell us a little about your E2MA?

Jim W. (Guest):  E2MA is the “Exhibit and Event Marketer’s Association.” We were born 3 years ago. We work to find ways to optimize exhibit programs for exhibitors, to create value for them and to grow the industry at large which is of great value to our supplier members as well.

Mike Gray (Host): If you had one thing you would like to say to the trade show community, what would that be?

Jim W. (Guest): For years our community has struggled with what the values of trade shows are. We spend a lot of money and sometimes it is hard to control those costs as to what are we getting out of the shows. The one thing I like the community to know that there is a tool now developed by E2MA in conjunction with our partner, the Hughes Group – the Predictability Forecast and Measurement Tool which can bench mark exhibit program, forecast the results and justify and validate your exhibit programs.

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