Renting Photo Booths for Trade Shows

I want to introduce you to a new great product to use on the trade show floor – it’s the Exhibit Edge Photo Social Media Kiosk. So what is this kiosk?

Let’s start with some basics. It has a small foot print that is only 18” x 24” and if you add the printed maybe it is another 6” more from the 18” depth. It is good for trade shows, wedding and private events.

The biggest advantage on a trade show floor is that it has instant lead generation. Lead generation is where you want somebody’s email address. The way we can set up this touch-screen kiosk is to have all different elements that you can use for people to send photo to themselves. Here are some of the features

  • You get unlimited paper and ink when you order this.
  • We set it up with templates so the photo will come out with any taglines or logos that you want and there are multiple templates built in the computer that runs the kiosk.
  • You can do a 4” x 6” print where you can put 3 photos or a 2” x 6” print which is what you see in many photo booths.
  • The branding is another important aspect. We have this kiosk branded with Exhibit Edge logo in the front and you can brand the actual photos as mentioned earlier where someone takes it home with them or email/texts them.
  • The computer is wifi enabled and let’s say you don’t have the hotspot. You can still put in your email address, facebook or twitter address and it will store it in a queue and once it gets back away from the event to a wifi enabled area, we can empty the queue and everyone gets their social media photo.

So the idea of the kiosk is that we do it as a day-rate which includes full set-up and full supervision. You can talk to us here at Exhibit Edge or ExhibitorLounge about the day rate in detail.

Click on video to watch demo.

As always please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about We’ll see you next week. Until then I’m your host, Michael Gray, telling you to relax in the Exhibitor Lounge.