Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Booth Selection

12/30/12 by Bev

trade show mistakesIf you have ever exhibited at a trade show, then you know there are countless decisions and plans to be made.  Starting months in advance, you begin design discussions, budget assessments, material procurement, shipping arrangements, and much more.  With this long string of choices, many beginners in the exhibiting world make rookie mistakes when it comes to selecting the right booth space for their exhibit.

Floor Plan Details

When looking at the floor plan for your booth space, you must look carefully at the symbols and understand clearly all the identifying markers on the plan.  You need to know every outlet (ceiling, wall, floor), any columns or wall protrusions, changes in ceiling height or floor levels, etc.  Minor details in these floor plans can make or break your exhibit design and functionality.

Convention Regulations

As with anything, you must fully understand what you are getting into as far as convention rules and guidelines for the show.  You may face restrictions on sign heights (or no signs allowed at all), booth sizes, catering restrictions, and particular rules regarding clean up.  You may also find regulations on the timing of setting up and dismantling your exhibit.  It is imperative that you read carefully all information and packets provided to you to ensure you do not overlook any pertinent policies for your booth.

Environmental Factors

Especially of concern when planning an outdoor exhibit are environmental factors.  If you are planning to have balloons, hanging signs, or loose papers, will there be wind or a fan blowing on you?  If you will be exhibiting into the evening, do you have additional lighting for your booth?  Do you have a quick breakdown plan in case of a sudden storm?  Are there any temperature concerns for food you may be serving?  Related to that, you also may want to consider environmental factors to plan for your giveaways.  (For example, if there were to be a chance of rain, a smart giveaway would be branded ponchos or umbrellas.)

We, at Exhibit Edge, understand how complex the exhibiting process is and how overwhelming it can be, especially if you are just starting out.  We will gladly help you through the entire process, being sure to help you avoid some of these rookie mistakes.  Give us a call if you want to get started today!

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