The b62 Tool-less Frame System

01/19/17 by Bev

A while back, we did an interview with Mike Morrison, Director of Business Development at beMatrix USA. In that interview he talked about the b62 Tool-less Frame System. Today, I want to talk about how remarkable this frame is. It has a tool-less connector with so many different capabilities that I want to share with you.

The b62 System in Use

The b62 System in Use

We actually used 2 frames to create the sides of our Exhibitor Lounge exhibit when we were in the 10 x 10 booth space at the ExhibitorLive 2015 show. This is a great versatile product that we use a lot in our exhibits, especially for our rental program.

So Mike Morrison was talking about how it revolutionized the industry, and it really does. There is no allen-key, as that would make it labor intensive and there is a lot of union labor required if you happen to use tools. So having a tool-less connector and something that easily goes together is phenomenal.

So when you do the frames, you have a lot of choices for graphic elements, structure elements, and fabric. We use a white gloss laminate with velcro on the back side that fits into the frame. If you want to take advantage of modern trends, fabric, especially SEG, works great with the b62 frame system as well.

I want to take a moment to highlight the door because when you talk about the exhibit show floor, a lot of times the door frames are flimsy and small and this b62 frame door answers that question with the solid full height door.

I want to go over a few features of the door.

  • You can use a full height graphic or a small graphic.
  • You can change the color of the laminate or sintra to match your company logo colors.
  • The door uses Velcro, so the application of the material becomes easy
  • A solid handle that comes apart easily, without all the mechanism coming apart for easy storage inside the crate. It is a ready to go handle
  • A full key to lock a solid door. It’s a secure door, not the flimsy ones you may be used to.

Now let’s talk a little bit about how the door attaches. All you need is a corner connector. The corner connector has 2 different types of screw-in connectors. The back frame can use the tool-less connector and the side frame where it goes into the door will have to use the flush mount connector. With a corner connector at the top and an L bracket or side mount connector at the bottom at each end, the door is ready to go!

Fun Fact: The 62 in b62 stands for 62mm distance between the hole and the width of the panel and everything that creates the frame.

1663The last thing I want to cover is the counters. We have had a lot of success with white gloss material used on the counters. It’s called CompBond, or Aluminum Composite Panel. Basically it is a piece of sintra with aluminum on the inside and outside. It is a 3-layer composite board that makes a very strong material, and it has an amazing gloss finish to it. It does come in many other colors, even matte colors. White is the most used color for our rentals. You can also take white laminate and contact cement it to PVC or Sintra to create the panel as well. However, the white laminate we use comes pre-made and you can just cut per counter dimensions.

The counters are also very strong and secure. Although the side panels are attached via Velcro, it is almost impossible to remove them from the outside, requiring  you to push on them from inside the cabinet. We also use doors with a magnetic catch, eliminating the handles. The doors can be locked, making the contents inaccessible from the outside, without the key.

Now I could go on and on about the the b62 system, however this entry is already getting rather long so I’ll leave you here. If you’d like to see us demonstrate these features, check out our video demonstrations on YouTube. Just search for “Exhibitor Lounge b62.”

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