The Different World of Banner Stands – Part 2

12/05/16 by EE Team

Last week we talked about the different price points of banner stands and focused on the Pearl which was the least expensive model. I explained why because of the features it did not have and the hardware it is associated with and basically a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

Today, I want to focus on the Sapphire Banner Stand. This is the mid-range model, and you would probably expect to pay somewhere around $500.

With the Sapphire, the hardware is going to be a bit stronger and last longer. The pole is adjustable in height, so you’ll be able to use it for a wider variety of circumstances, including tabletop. It’s also very compact and streamlined, and includes and extra foot for increased stability.

The graphic is going to be attached to the lever, which means that it may not be easy for you to change on your own. Exhibit companies, like Exhibit Edge, should not have a problem with replacing your graphic by unlocking the lever and removing the old one.

The last major difference between the Pearl and the Sapphire stands is that Sapphire has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. I imagine this is where the bulk of the increased cost comes from, as it can be very costly for a company to guarantee a product for so long.

Next week we will talk about the higher end banner stand – The Diamond.

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