The Different World of Banner Stands – Part 3

12/15/16 by EE Team

This is the last part of our 3-part series on banner stands. We had talked about the Pearl in our first entry in the series, which is the economical option. Last week, we talked about the Sapphire, which is in the mid-range model. Today, I want to talk about the high-end model ─ the Diamond Banner Stand.

The Diamond Banner Stand is going to give you extremely good hardware and functionality features. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, heavy-gauge metal, and a good strong spring. The graphic also comes with a 90-day warranty.

The Diamond has the unique feature of an interchangeable cartridge. It has a cartridge that can be swapped out and replaced with a new cartridge with the new graphic. There is no lever process for changing graphics, making it easier for you to do yourself.

You will just have to buy the hardware once and then just purchase additional cartridges with the new graphic to change. So the price point will go down with one housing and interchangeable cartridges.

You can choose the endcaps and face feet to match your company colors. It also has a fully functional adjustable pole to any height that you want. You can bring the graphic down to eye-level with much ease and then from there you can raise it up to full height.

In summary: You get what you pay for. The Pearl, Sapphire and Diamond banner stands may all look the same at a glance, however there is a lot of difference between them, both in aesthetics and functionality.

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