The NEO System is Here

07/07/16 by Bev

What is a NEO System?

At trade shows or conferences you may hear about a NEO system, but what exactly is that? NEO systems are state-of-the-art equipment used for temporary displays or exhibition stands. NEO systems are constructed of custom printed glass panels with a magnetized glow lighting up the unseen metal structure. Due to the appeal of being more visually striking, NEO systems are becoming the more popularized norm in opposition to printed banners and wooden stands because they don’t have table legs or polls distracting from the user’s message. Furthermore, this alternative can be an environmentally friendly option for users deciding on a display. Ultimately, with a NEO system your attendees will see an innovative, sleek design that contemporizes the art of exhibit displays.

NEO System

What else can it do?

Besides its alluring appearance, NEO systems also have an extensive variety of features alternative table displays do not. Examples include built in doors for booths that extend the capability of visual display, LCD screens and sound system that help attract viewers, and transparency effects with the ability for users to create modern glass rooms and the ability to layer images for a more detailed presentation.

NEO systems branch father than a traditional display to something a user might be more likely to describe as a captivating exhibition because of its ability to adapt to any environment. NEO systems can be displayed in multiple arrangements including an island, peninsula, cornered, or linear. The construction of the system was designed to bring versatility to display exhibitions. The NEO system is made up of different parts that the user is able to construct in any shape or form to their liking. This characteristic makes it the perfect display for any event such as tradeshows, showrooms, museums, storefront galleries, etc.


More information

Exhibit Edge is proud to become one of the few American NEO system retailers. Innovative display options are in your hands. Why not make it a NEO? You can even visit one of our showrooms to personally view all the NEO system has to offer.

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