Trade Show Carpet Padding – What You Need to Know

Last week we talked about carpet rentals versus buying versus renting from your display house, so this week I want to follow up on that. We are going to talk about what is going on under the carpet – the carpet padding. You have basically two choices –

  • Rebond Padding – this basically means bits and pieces of padding that are all put together and re-bonded to form a piece of padding.
  • Polyurethane or Solid Padding

So which one would you choose? You will see the rebond padding mostly on the show floor. Yes, it is definitely a little bit cheaper where the solid padding can be close to maybe double the cost but it lasts longer and comes in 10’ widths, so you save time in labor and you are going to get many more uses out of it in return.

Now when you look at padding, everyone orders it by its thickness. A lot of exhibitors like to do double padding and if you rent rebond padding on show floor, the cost is going to get very expensive. What Exhibit Edge does is use solid padding for all clients. Why do we do that:

  • We can get a much higher density which is the squeeziness of it.
  • This is much firmer on the squish factor than the rebond padding – you don’t have to buy it as thick and remember it comes in 10’ thickness, so you can roll it up with your carpet where the rebond padding comes in 6’ thickness for the most part which means you have to tape it together and get extra rolls.
  • Since the solid padding is thinner and if you are shipping air freight, dimensional weight will not mess with you.
  • It is easier to cut- if you have to trim it on the show floor, it cuts very easily versus the rebond padding which is very hard to cut.
  • It comes in 10’ widths so it can be rolled right with the carpet in the carpet bags

So take a look at polyurethane padding versus rebond padding and see what will work for you.

As always please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about We’ll see you next week. Until then I’m your host, Michael Gray, telling you to relax in the exhibitor lounge.