08/16/10 by Bev

Welcome to Exhibit Edge’s first blog on our new website!

For our maiden blog, I decided to tell you what you can expect from the information posted on our new website and blog  – Intelligent Exhibiting.

The goal for our blog and website visitors is to provide knowledge to assist you in making your trade show exhibits, corporate environments, trade show marketing programs, and large-format graphics the best they can be for you and your company.

We want to assist you in making better decisions that will impact the return of your marketing dollars.

We will do this by:

  • Educating
  • Listening
  • Telling Stories

Since Exhibit Edge and our leaders have been providing services and products for close to 33 years, we have watched the transition of the industry and the products used. We have clear indications of where the industry is heading by the products our manufacturing partners are developing.

This is where we will begin – Exhibit and Environment Products.

Again, welcome to Exhibit Edge’s blog!

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