What are the Newest Lead Capture Trends?

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How many lead capture devices have you used on a show floor and never added notes or codes to the prospect name? When you pick up the lead capture device you always get the quick lesson on how to add quick notes like, send literature, follow up call, and other generic phrases that do little to benefit a detailed summary of a conversation.

My first tip, as I have mentioned before, is to use an electronic pad that is customized to record details or just use a pre-printed questionnaire that works like a survey sheet.

Think of how you like to shop and do research on-line. You use a search engine to find topics or products; you click on an item that comes up in the search. You see how well it relates to your needs and you look up the features, costs, and reviews on the item.

Well the trade show industry is moving in that direction. The electronic tablet has opened the door to low cost touchscreens. They are now being incorporated into self-serve information kiosks and lead capture devices. Here at Exhibit Edge we even have a “Virtual Receptionist” in our lobby to greet guests as they arrive. They touch the screen to summon the person they wish to meet.

These touchscreen stations on a show floor can provide scalable, non-invasive ways to collect valuable information to learn about a person’s needs, provide company literature electronically, and at the same time offer a way to gather targeted lead capture results with the customer only going through a series of quick touchscreen questions or menus.

Instead of a standard show floor rental device that collects the basic information and maybe a note that says “send literature” you now have the customer putting in information, browsing your literature topics and choosing specific literature that relates to their needs. In return, you know who they are, what they were looking for, an immediate follow-up with the electronic literature delivery, and you never brought a box of literature to the show floor saving printing, shipping and drayage. Many tablets can now be setup to scan client badges and the information collected goes immediately to the cloud so data will not get lost. These services which can be rented or purchased and include hardware, software, and a basic monthly subscription to the cloud. Exhibit Edge can provide more information on this new exhibit trend.

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