Conference Sightseeing: A Guide To Major Cities

11/08/18 by EE Team

Conferences and conventions are two of the best ways to enhance your career and create a professional network that can connect you with thousands of like-minded individuals in ...

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Breaking Down TED Talks: Interesting Trends | Exhibit Edge

04/24/18 by EE Team

Breaking Down Ted Since its foundation in 1984, the TED conference has seen a wealth of great minds from scientists to religious leaders sharing knowledge, discoveries, and wisdom...

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The Reintroduction of the Exhibitor Lounge Web Series 

03/07/18 by EE Team

Exhibit Edge Reintroduces the Exhibitor Lounge Web Series Chantilly, VA, March 7th, 2018 – Several years ago, Mike and Bev Gray, decided to provide the trade show community with...

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Celebrating 25 Years: Luxury Solutions for Any Budget

09/15/17 by EE Team

  For 25 years, Exhibit Edge has prided themselves in being a well-rounded exhibit sales and service provider for the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area (DMV), bringing a fu...

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Press Release: Silver Jubilee – The Creation of a Legacy

08/28/17 by EE Team

Chantilly, VA, August 28, 2017– Exhibit Edge is pleased to announce that as of this Friday, September 1st, 2017, they will have entered their 25th year of business as a premiere ...

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Be True To Yourself, But Be Flexible Too: Advice From CEO Bev Gray

08/01/17 by EE Team

  When Bev Gray decided to start her own company 25 years ago it was virtually impossible to predict the dramatic changes the business landscape in the United States would ...

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The Exhibitor Manual – Food and Beverage Enhances Your Exhibit

02/16/17 by EE Team

So last week we talked about Specialty Furniture and how it can enhance your exhibit and provide a hospitality aspect to your marketing and sales strategy. Hand in hand with that w...

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The Different World of Banner Stands – Part 3

12/15/16 by EE Team

This is the last part of our 3-part series on banner stands. We had talked about the Pearl in our first entry in the series, which is the economical option. Last week, we talked ab...

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The Different World of Banner Stands – Part 2

12/05/16 by EE Team

Last week we talked about the different price points of banner stands and focused on the Pearl which was the least expensive model. I explained why because of the features it did n...

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The Different World of Banner Stands – Part 1

12/01/16 by EE Team

This week I am going to talk about the world of banner stands. You’ve probably seen banner stands in airplane magazines advertised at $250.00 including the graphic, and then you ...

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