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THE EXHIBITOR MANUAL – General Contractor Services

03/18/24 by Bev

Overview of Trade Show General Contractor Services Now that we have covered the material handling portion of the Exhibitor Manual let’s turn our attention to the other services ...

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Guide to Trade Show Electrical Services

02/27/24 by Bev

In addition to the General Contractor Services found in the Exhibitor Manual, there are official contractors you might encounter. These include: Electrical Internet Spec...

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Trade Show Shipping: Advanced or Direct?

01/25/24 by Bev

A big question we get all the time is how to ship to an exhibit - advanced drayage or send it directly to the show site? Now – I will tell you upfront that I am not a big fan of ...

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The 101 of Retractable Banner Stands

12/12/23 by Bev

What is a retractable banner stand? Retractable banner stands are, by definition, a stand that retracts into a base or housing using a mechanical spring or tensioner to pull the g...

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Understanding Trade Show Insurance

11/17/23 by Bev

Today’s topic is what you need to consider for trade show insurance. We will start with a disclaimer that we are not an insurance expert. You should consult with your insurance c...

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