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We combine marketing experience and artistry to accurately deliver your brand and message to engage, educate, and inspire.

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Exhibit Edge designs, produces, and manages custom trade show booths and exhibits with visual marketing systems. These systems are designed to help increase sales, leads, and company visibility, unlike any other trade show exhibit company. We combine marketing experience and artistry to accurately deliver your brand and message. With years of experience in the trade show industry, Exhibit Edge is perfectly positioned to help with any trade show display and exhibit needs. Our goal is to create an attendee experience that leads to your desired results.

Our team of talented and creative in-house professionals specialize in all aspects of the trade show marketing world. Our unique combination of expertise with multi-dimensional, high technology displays, and modern graphic elements set our clients up for success in every aspect of trade show marketing and branding. This combination has positioned us as a premier trade show exhibit company.

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Exhibit Edge has the perfect solutions for businesses and organizations looking to create a modern trade show booth for trade show events. We have helped numerous customers create and manage their displays and exhibits across Virginia, DC, and Baltimore.

Whether you are preparing to present at a trade show or simply planning for a future event, our team of trade show professionals is eager and ready to help you with your trade show booth needs.

If you are looking for custom trade show displays, look no further than Exhibit Edge! Our team has years of experience designing trade show booths for numerous different industries and some of the most prestigious trade show events in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and other trade show hubs. You can find great options for your next trade show exhibit with our 10x10 displays or by contacting our team to start a personal concept design project.


Need an exhibit with a larger impact and special requirements? Exhibit Edge’s in-house Custom Design and Fabrication Shop can create an exhibit that is uniquely yours. We can even incorporate LED tiles and walls for video and branding in your space. Island exhibits can be designed to be configurable into smaller booth spaces.


Will you be exhibiting at a variety of shows? Our in-house Custom Design and Fabrication Shop designs and builds exhibits that are interchangeable for various industry shows. If you need an exhibit that can easily be reconfigured, contact us now.


If your company will require a larger exhibit at another trade show, consider designing and building the larger custom exhibit now. We can design your exhibit to be used in the 10’ space then add pieces to expand it to a larger space, saving you future costs. Reach out so we can share some recent examples.

UVision USA custom exhibit
Amentum custom exhibit
Oracle custom exhibit
- Baltimore Aircoil Company -

"Exhibit Edge provides EXCELLENT service! They make our attendance at the trade shows much easier to manage. I do recommend them!"

- Training Solutions, Inc. -

"This team is very responsive and very customer service oriented. Their quality of work is top notch! They help us with our family foundation where they really shine with creativity and going above and beyond!"


"I was recently at a large tradeshow in walking the showroom floor. One booth (10×20) in particular caught my eye, it was bright, fresh and I was drawn to it. After speaking with the marketing person, I learned it was designed by Exhibit Edge. I laughed and said, "of course it was." A reputable company with a passion for making their customers' brand get noticed! I have the pleasure of working with this team as they selflessly give back to support meaningful causes. Thank you to a small company with a big heart. Highly recommend."

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Exhibit Edge employees average 19 years in the trade show and museum exhibit industries. Our Team members continually learn and utilize new innovations in the industry to offer the best solutions for our clients. We listen to customer’s unique needs and apply visionary, dimensional strategies to engage audiences.

We understand that the needs of customers may be urgent or require a fast response which is why we are ready to assist at any time. Exhibit Edge is flexible with our operations because we understand the needs of clients vary. We are a small business so we can adjust our internal procedures quickly to be accommodating. An assigned employee is on call 24/7/365.



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What makes Exhibit Edge different from other trade show exhibit companies?

Exhibit Edge combines creativity, tailored customer service, and in-depth technical expertise to deliver unique exhibit solutions that align closely with clients' goals. Our innovative approach and industry experience enable us to create customized, impactful exhibits.

How does the process of starting a custom trade show booth design with Exhibit Edge work?

The process starts with a consultation to understand your brand and objectives, followed by collaborative design and fabrication phases, ensuring your vision is brought to life accurately and effectively.

Can Exhibit Edge manage the entire process of trade show exhibition, from design to dismantling?

Yes, Exhibit Edge provides comprehensive services, managing all aspects from design to dismantling, including logistics and on-site support, for a seamless trade show experience.

How does Exhibit Edge tailor its services for different industries?

We tailor our services through in-depth research and experience, ensuring our designs meet industry-specific trends and audience expectations, thus creating a tailored, impactful presence for any sector.

What steps does Exhibit Edge take to ensure a trade show exhibit accurately delivers my brand and message?

We engage in a brand discovery process and maintain open communication throughout design and fabrication, ensuring every aspect of the exhibit aligns with your brand identity and goals.

How far in advance should I contact Exhibit Edge to start planning my trade show booth?

We recommend contacting us 2 to 3 months before your show opening. However, with our extensive logistical, creative, and fabrication networks we can help you pivot into your show if your timeline is much shorter.

Does Exhibit Edge offer solutions for both small businesses and large corporations?

Yes, Exhibit Edge offers scalable exhibit solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing impactful designs and flexible options to meet diverse needs and budgets.