Custom Trade Show Booths, Displays and Concept Designs

What Are Custom Trade Show Booths?

A custom trade show booth is a display that is used to promote a business at trade show events. A custom trade show booth allows for the exhibitor to design an eye-catching display booth that can work in tandem with the sales team to inform, guide, and help with interacting with prospective customers. These custom trade show displays give businesses more opportunities to design a booth that better matches the organizations’ branding, individual needs and the marketing intent at trade show events.

How Exhibit Edge Helps Create Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Your Exhibit Edge Team will develop your requirements and ideas into visually appealing trade show exhibit renderings that represent your corporate image and marketing objectives. From 10′ wide exhibits to large islands, we combine your needs and our expertise to create an exhibit space that is functional and promotes your brand on the show floor.

Our exhibit designs can reflect 100% custom, part modular exhibit system and custom, or 100% modular depending on your requirements and budget. All options will produce a unique, modern display to give you the desired result of increased trade show visibility and leads.

BMS Concept Design Graphic

How does the custom design process begin?

To get started on a design for purchase or rental, Exhibit Edge will need to know your booth size, your budget, your specific needs and the style you are seeking. The booth size is the exhibit space you have purchased for the show. For example, 10’x20’, 20’x20’, 20’x30’, etc. Your budget is important because an Exhibit Designer can create an exhibit for your space that can cost a very large amount when given freedom. We don’t want to over design your booth space, then find out that your budget is much less. It’s best to know what you are willing to spend. We can also provide details of changes we can make if you need the cost to be less or you have room for enhancements. It’s best to be upfront about your budget.

What are the specific needs of our booth space that you will need to know?

Every company has specific needs and desires for the physical exhibit structure. Some companies require a private conference room, semi-private or just a relaxed sitting area. Some require a lot of storage for giveaways; others just require storage in reception counters. Some exhibitors require a presentation area, space for equipment or models of equipment, workstation kiosks, product shelving or display areas, monitors up to 85”, etc. Some exhibitors want to use the exhibit for other booth sizes in the future. Parts of the same exhibit can be used for this. Share this list of needs with us, along with the functionality of the booth at the beginning of the process so they can be incorporated into the design.

I’m not familiar with the cost of exhibiting. How can Exhibit Edge help?

If you are unsure of your budget or don’t know what is a reasonable budget for your booth space, Exhibit Edge can assist. Not only do we understand the average cost of exhibiting, we understand the cost variations depending on the city where the show is held. We will also consider if you will be going to additional shows and can utilize

How can I tell you what style my company is seeking?

Besides using words such as modern, clean, colorful and bright, soft wood tones, high-tech, etc., there are many different styles of exhibits, such as curved, straight, towers, hanging signs, LED walls, etc. The best way to relay these preferences to us is to take photos or save images of exhibits you like, which have similar attributes you are seeking. The next way is to look at designs on our Exhibit Design Search page.

Is there a cost for an exhibit design?

Yes, there is a cost. Typically, the cost is worked into the cost of the exhibit rental or purchase. If we are to design an exhibit for a new prospect, there are some qualifying questions we will ask. We may also decide to prepare a white model rendering to be approved before we move forward with enhancements. All designs are the property of Exhibit Edge until you purchase the exhibit. They will be labeled as such, so they can not be shared outside of your organization.

What is the time frame needed for exhibit design, then fabrication?

The smaller the exhibit, the less the timeframe. We don’t want your design to be rushed. For a 20’x20’ exhibit, starting three months or more is optimal. We need to make sure building and ordering of the exhibit, complete with graphics, fits into our current schedule. If the booth size is smaller, the time can be shortened. If the booth size is larger, the time should be lengthened.

Custom Booth Examples

Blue and Yellow Custom Exhibit Booth
Blue Custom Booth
Red Custom Booth
Red Custom Booth