Sharing, Conserving & Diversity

Sharing Company Resources

We enjoy sharing company resources and talent to assist individuals and organizations in need and with missions that aligns with our company values and causes that inspire us.

Company physical resources such as exhibit rental items, equipment, graphic creation, and vehicle usage are regularly shared with others in need. We also donate slightly used banner stand hardware, portable exhibits and other items to non-profit organization.

Our personnel’s talent and time is shared in the form of graphic design and delivery and installation services. Bev Gray, our President, volunteers for approximately two days per month to the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization, WPEO, the regional partner for WBENC, the national organization that certifies woman-owned businesses.


Conserve, Protect, Maintain, Preserve

Exhibit Edge has implemented measures in all departments to keep our resource usage as low as possible.

  • Recycle all paper, plastic, cans, and bottles.
  • Purchase items that are recyclable.
  • ”Green” features for equipment purchases are a priority.
  • Focus on the reuse of materials.
  • Maintain a large rental stock of exhibits, AV equipment, furniture, carpets, etc.
  • Take larger items to the recycling yard.
  • Printers are set to print double-sided.
  • Digital files and documents are preferred.
  • Our “Earth Friendly Exhibits” provide an attractive alternative for exhibitors that are enhancing and expanding their company’s green initiatives.

Supplier Diversity

As a certified, woman-owned company, Exhibit Edge enjoys opening doors to other diverse companies. After the service or product is proven to meet our standards of quality and value, these companies become valued partners to our operations. We remain loyal to the companies that service us, in the same way our clients remain loyal to us.

From collateral printers to freight forwarders to our lawyer, Exhibit Edge is committed to working with companies and individuals that represent our diverse culture and the small business community.

If you want to be considered to work with Exhibit Edge, please send an email to our President, Bev Gray.