Guide to Trade Show Electrical Services

02/27/24 by Bev

In addition to the General Contractor Services found in the Exhibitor Manual, there are official contractors you might encounter. These include:

  • Electrical
  • Internet
  • Specialty furniture
  • Food and beverage
  • Plumbing

This blog will delve into the details of electrical services. Understanding the nuances of electrical contracting at trade shows and exhibitions is crucial for efficient planning and cost management. From knowing when and how to order electrical services to navigating city-specific regulations and uncovering cost-saving strategies, this guide aims to provide you with the essential knowledge to optimize your electrical needs.

Understanding Electrical Services

Electrical services are typically provided by the facility hosting the show. However, there is an increasing trend where general contractors or specialty electrical companies are contracted by the exhibit hall for this purpose. This shift can lead to higher costs due to the involvement of a middleman. It’s crucial to note that the order form will have deadlines for advanced pricing, ranging from a week to a month before the first set-up day. Electrical services are a key part of exhibit management. We have provided additional details about electrical services below.

Important Deadlines

It is important to note that the deadline is set a certain number of days before the first set-up day – not the first show day. The first setup day can be two, three, or more days before the first show date. Avoid common mistakes by counting back from the correct date to ensure timely orders. Read the deadline information carefully.

City-Specific Electrical Regulations

Each city has its own electrical regulations. In some, you can use your own cables, while in others, you cannot. For example, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, you can use your own cables if they are flat and of a specific gauge. Understanding these local rules is vital to avoid compliance issues.

Cost-Saving Strategies in Electrical Ordering

To save costs, consider ordering higher-wattage services and using extension cords. For instance, instead of ordering separate services for different parts of your exhibit space, you could order a 2,000-watt service in one area and run extension cords to other areas. This approach can lead to substantial savings, but it’s not always feasible, so it’s important to assess each situation individually.

Optimizing Electrical Usage for Workstations

If you have workstations along the back of your space, you might save by ordering a single outlet and running your own cords. However, be aware that electrical costs can escalate, especially with labor charges for running cords under the carpet or for larger island exhibits.

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