Trade Show Storage and Fulfillment Services for Exhibitors

Getting your exhibit and related products to a trade show successfully will help generate valuable leads and visibility for your business. Exhibit Edge’s team and our processes assist you in all stages of the trade show process including your storage and fulfillment services with us.

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How We Can Help

Exhibit Edge coordinates and manages your trade show properties within our using our web-based system, EdgeLink, and extensive staff experience. Trade show exhibit management requires detailed service at all stages. Our internal systems are designed to increase efficiency and minimize errors for successful shows across the world.

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Our trade show exhibit management process includes:

  • Maintain your Exhibit Properties
  • Real-time Web-based Inventory
  • Specialized Custom Pull Lists
  • Consolidate Exhibit Shipping, including Local Pickups
  • Utilize Secure Packaging Techniques
  • Quote and Arrange Display Transportation with Preferred Carriers
  • Certified Weight Scales for Invoice Verification
  • Return Shipment Inspection and Procedures
  • Secure, Temperature Controlled Storage

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