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10 Rules of Trade Show Etiquette

11/30/22 by Bev

Why Does Trade Show Booth Etiquette Matter? Trade show etiquette matters because it offers a guideline for staff to follow when they find themselves in unprecedented situations. N...

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How to Break Up with an Exhibit Company

10/19/22 by EE Team

Over the last couple of months, we have seen a surge of exhibiting companies looking for a new exhibit company to service them. The reason for the surge is a topic for another d...

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03/29/22 by EE Team

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGxyDk-z7gM The 4 Main Categories of a Trade Show Planning Checklist While there are many different areas that are a part of creating a strategy f...

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Understanding Trade Show Insurance – Part 2

06/10/20 by Bev

Today let’s talk more about your exhibit property. We need to sound the alarm bells for this post, following up on "Understanding Trade Show Insurance - Part 1". Most exhibitors ...

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Understanding Trade Show Insurance

05/13/20 by Bev

Today’s topic is what you need to consider for trade show insurance. We will start with a disclaimer that we are not an insurance expert. You should consult with your insurance c...

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