Properly Folding a Portable Fabric Pop Up Display

02/18/16 by Brandon

Today we are going to talk about fabric pop up displays and the proper way to dismantle them. A lot of times, after the show when we get the exhibit back, the fabric is pulled off the frame and/or pieces or parts are busted.

Pop Up DisplayFor this reason, I am a big fan of the metal connectors. There are plastic connectors and plastic frames but the ones that have metal seem to last longer. Working with a display house as opposed to buying them online, some of the things that we offer are the ability to repair the frames in-house. That is the key component when it comes to being able to turn around a pop up display quickly.

So why does damage occur? What usually happens is the frame is laid over and everybody thinks that all the hooks have been disconnected but one reconnects. Then you try to close the frame up and next thing you know, a hub breaks and it becomes hard to close and snaps. It’s important to double check all of those hooks before you try folding the exhibit. The exhibit should also fold pretty easily, so if you are experiencing a lot of resistance, stop and check for anything that may be catching.

Folding up a fabric pop up display can be summarized in these 5 steps:

  1. Leave the fabric graphic on
  2. Make sure all the hooks are disconnected
  3. Lay it horizontal
  4. Fold the ends in
  5. Fold and fit the exhibit inside the carry bag

Any company that has sales people that you send on the road with a portable fabric pop up display, send them the link to this video so that they can see the proper way to close and store the pop up.