Creating Portable Exhibit Displays

11/30/22 by Bev

Many companies have smaller exhibits, 10×10 or 10×20 long, that they use solely or have incorporated into their larger trade show exhibit properties. These pop-ups, portable, modular exhibits do not need to cost a lot to make a lasting impression for attendees.

Leverage Marketing for Portable Exhibits

Not every company has the benefit of having established brands, logos, or mascots. But a good approach to increasing the attractiveness of your portable trade show exhibit is by including these elements. Using your brand creatively in your booth space will help increase recognition. Catchy and informative taglines can offer a quick glance at the solutions you provide. Your logo can be used creatively throughout your space. Mascots can be fun and attention-grabbing to help populate your attendees in your booth at the trade show. Graphics alone can make a difference on how you are perceived.

While your company branding and your marketing message should be a priority, you can incorporate features to make your exhibit and your company stand out without relying on branding alone.

Tips for Portable Exhibit Trade Shows

As promised, here are Exhibit Edge’s 8 easy tips and tactics to get the biggest bang out of your small booth.

  • Graphic Design – Use fewer and larger graphics for the best impact. Make sure all graphics start no lower than 36” on the backwall for best visibility. Too small and too much text will not be read by attendees, so keep it to a minimum.
  • Flow – Even in your smaller booth space, keep your booth open so attendees can enter your booth to be engaged. If you require a reception counter, keep it small. 6’ Tables with chairs placed in front of your booth tend to make attendees stay in the aisle.
  • Lighting – According to industry research, lighting can increase awareness of your exhibit by 30% to 50%. Besides spot lights, backlit lighting can also be incorporated into your exhibit.
  • Branding – Make sure attendees can see your company name, logo, tag line, etc. Verify they will know within a few seconds what product or service you offer.
  • Simplicity – Keep your booth and message clean. Feature only one or two products or message. You don’t want to confuse attendees.
  • Colors – Use high-impact colors that will stand out from a distance. Avoid neutral colors that will blend into the background.
  • Proportion – Make sure that all pieces in your booth are the correct size for the booth and space. Extra large product kiosks will overwhelm your space.
  • Flooring – Keep it simple, yet comfortable for your staffers. You want the attendees to look up at your booth, not to the ground. Keep in mind about wire management needs when adding flooring.

Final Thoughts on Portable Trade Show Displays

It’s important to know that you don’t need to redefine the common approach to portable trade show exhibits. Keep it simple, and stick to the basic tactics that make your exhibit attractive and memorable. Incorporating our easy steps listed above will help you ensure that your booth will stand out from the others. Your message will be clear and interested attendees will feel welcomed in your space. Contact us for more information about capitalizing on your portable trade shows!

Elevate Your Trade Show Experience with Exhibit Edge

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