Trade Show Labor Services - Hanging SignsExhibit program management and deadlines are critical in the exhibit industry, no matter the size or scope. Making sure that you are ready to interact with prospective clients is a top priority. Exhibit Edge has experience with helping manage trade show exhibits for clients that want more time to focus on sales or other aspects of their exhibit. Our trade show industry experts have been helping businesses create and manage exhibits, as well as plan for upcoming trade show events.

How Exhibit Edge Exhibit Management Helps Your Business

An Exhibit Edge Team is assigned to each clients’ account to ensure consistent, quality service. The Account Executive is responsible for offering creative solutions. The Account Manager works daily with clients to receive and execute all information within Exhibit Edge and with our preferred vendors. In addition, you will be assigned the same on-site Supervisor.

Our Team approach collaborates with all company departments to manage all deadlines and budgets for design, fabrication, graphics, purchases, show services, exhibit preparation, transportation, and labor.

Our Trade Show Labor Services

Trade Show Experts

Our team of trade show experts brings decades of experience to every project. From initial consultation to final execution, we ensure your exhibit stands out. Our experts stay updated on the latest industry trends, ensuring your exhibit uses cutting-edge techniques and technologies. With Exhibit Edge, you benefit from our deep understanding of trade show dynamics, ensuring maximum engagement and impact. Our team is skilled in handling both stationary trade shows and dynamic conventions, as well as outdoor events. This expertise is a key component of our comprehensive Trade Show Labor Management services.

Types of Shows

Exhibit Edge has experience managing exhibits for a wide range of trade shows, including:

  • Industry-specific expos
  • Consumer shows
  • International trade fairs
  • Corporate events
  • Niche market exhibitions

Our tailored approach ensures your exhibit is perfectly suited to the unique demands of each show type, maximizing your reach and effectiveness. Whether it’s a small local event or a large international fair, our Trade Show Labor Management services ensure your exhibit meets all expectations.

Keeping Your Exhibit on Schedule

Time is of the essence in the trade show world. Our meticulous planning and project management processes ensure that every element of your exhibit is ready on time. From the initial design phase to the final setup, we keep your exhibit on schedule, preventing any last-minute rushes or delays. Our commitment to punctuality means you can focus on your goals, confident that everything is under control. We also emphasize staying within budget, showcasing our focus on efficiency and financial responsibility. Our Trade Show Labor Management services are designed to keep your exhibit running smoothly and on time.

Dedicated Trade Show Teams

Every client receives a dedicated team to manage their exhibit from start to finish. Your team includes an Account Executive, an Account Manager, and an on-site Supervisor, all working together to provide seamless service. This dedicated approach ensures that every aspect of your exhibit is handled by professionals who understand your specific needs and goals. We guarantee personal attention and are committed to client satisfaction through every step of the trade show process. Our Trade Show Labor Management team ensures that your experience is hassle-free and successful.

Experts In Communication

Clear communication is the cornerstone of our service. We keep you informed at every step of the process, providing regular updates and quick responses to any questions or concerns. Our team works closely with you to ensure your vision is realized, and any changes or adjustments are smoothly integrated. With Exhibit Edge, you’re always in the loop, from initial planning to post-event support, ensuring you feel supported throughout. Effective communication is a fundamental aspect of our Trade Show Labor Management and Trade Show Exhibit Management services.

Labor Management Service Highlights

Exhibit Edge stands out through our unique features and proprietary technologies that streamline the trade show experience. Our web-based system, EdgeLink, allows clients to track and move all their assets, including collateral and giveaways. This system provides 24/7 access to view exhibit properties, collateral, and events or send information about new shows directly to their Account Manager. Custom reporting through EdgeLink aids in making informed decisions about your program, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

Our advanced planning strategies are designed to minimize labor expenses for our clients. We provide highly skilled labor and supervisors for the installation and dismantling of exhibits, ensuring a smooth setup and breakdown. Our staff is professional, adept at solving problems, and prepared to assist clients through each step of the trade show process. These elements are key components of our comprehensive Trade Show Labor Management services.

Labor Services & Exhibit Management Case Studies

Explore our success stories to see how Exhibit Edge has helped businesses like yours achieve their trade show goals. Our case studies highlight the diverse range of industries we’ve worked with and the customized solutions we’ve provided. Learn how we’ve navigated challenges, implemented innovative strategies, and delivered outstanding results for our clients. These narratives demonstrate our commitment to being on schedule, on budget and delivering exceptional service. Our Trade Show Exhibit Management expertise is evident in every success story we share.

Tracking With Trade Show Exhibit Management Tools

We track and move all client assets, including collateral and giveaways, using our web-based system, EdgeLink. Clients can access the system any time to view their exhibit properties, collateral and events or send their Account Manager linked information about a new show. Custom reporting can help make important informed decisions about your program.

Our turn-key model, technology, processes, and procedures assures streamlining and alleviates errors — a Proven Success for our clients’ exhibit programs.