The Traffic Strategy

11/27/12 by Bev

There is so much to think about when creating your next trade show exhibit: the design, your giveaways, goals and expectations, promotional materials, etc.  What you may unknowingly overlook, though, is the all-important basic location of your display.  All components are critical to a successful exhibit, but if you don’t even get people to visit your booth, the rest are irrelevant.

Believe it or not, there is a science and a psychology of traffic patterns at conferences and trade shows.  By understanding this and taking advantage of that knowledge, you can optimize your exhibit investment and experience.

Natural Human Behavior

Studies have shown that people naturally tend to turn right upon entering main exhibit halls.  By placing your display on the right side or center, you will increase the chances that you will be visited first and by a more enthusiastic audience.  Attendees also naturally flock towards “open” exhibits not blocked or cramped between others.  You will want to remove any railings or other obstructions that may make your display feel restricted.

Prime Real Estate

In relation to the open concept above, a location in an external corner or a peninsula is prime real estate for your exhibit.  If you stick out (preferably into the traffic flow), chances are greater of you being visited as attendees pass by.  Another important deciding factor to consider for your display placement is locating your booth near main or “anchor” exhibits.  Position yourself near the “big guys” for a good shot at reaching the majority of attendees, at a time when their interest is peaked.

Study Patterns

Chances are, you have been to other trade shows or conferences and you will still attend many more in the future.  While you are at these, do some people watching.  Where do they get most excited?  Where do they head when they first get there?  At what point do they start running out of steam and tossing their giveaways?  Some simple observations about the habits of your audience at these events can lead to much more profitable results for your future exhibit investments.

Planning your next event can be overwhelming and stressful, to say the least.  With all the many details to consider, exhibit positioning included, invoke the help of a professional to ensure that every dollar you invest is optimized.  Exhibit Edge will happily assist you in assessing the traffic patterns for your venue and develop the right exhibit strategy for you.


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