Delivering Your Message with Bev Gray

Michael Gray: Well today as you see we have brought a special guest to the set. This is Bev Gray, the owner of Exhibit Edge. She kind of said, “Let me in, because I want to talk about something special.” So Bev, go for it.

Bev Gray: Hi, I know Mike was down here filming in the Exhibitor Lounge, so I thought I would pop in and I thought I would show you one of the new banner stands we brought into our show room. It’s basically your standard banner stand, but as you know they all come in different widths. They banner stand over here is 59” wide and I just wanted to highlight it because it is a little bit unique and I think it would show off your exhibit a little bit more, versus the standard width of a banner stand. So if you want a little more impact a good route to go is a wider banner stand.

Michael Gray: Well, why don’t we talk about some of the features and some of the things that come with it? I’m going to go behind there ok?

Bev Gray: So we couldn’t fit it all within the screen so we lowered it to fit. Mike is raising it to its full height now. So it can go different heights depending on your need. And also it can sit on a table top, it is a little wide for a table top, but it can. It does come with a soft case, most banner stands come with a soft case. And if you are going to be shipping it we have this hard case that you can ship it with. So that will help protect it a little bit more.

Michael Gray: Now the 59” which is, why don’t we call it a 5 foot banner stand. The thing is you can put two of these side by side in a ten foot booth space and it will fill up the back wall of an exhibit. We also show it in our showroom with a parchment-style material, which is a little more heavy-duty and it gives it some unique characteristics. You wanted to talk about the graphic angle a bit?

Bev Gray: Yeah I did. So what I wanted you to notice about this graphic is that it has a very simple message. And your message as a company should be very quick, simple, catch people’s attention, get them into your booth, and then you can go into more detail about what your company does. But definitely keep your graphic simple and just make them more eye-catching.

Michael Gray: And the way I like to put it is, “If they need more information besides this simple message, you hand them a brochure.” Well thank you Bev for stopping by.

As always, please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about EXHIBITOR LOUNGE.COM. We will see you next week. Until then, I am your host Michael Gray telling you to RELAX in the Exhibitor Lounge.