Exhibit Edge has created a drayage calculator to illustrate the various costs associated with handling exhibit materials from the trade show dock to your exhibit show space.

Drayage costs can be confusing, hard to calculate, expensive and change from show to show. Because of this, our calculations here can never be 100% correct. However, this calculator will bring you within about 90% accuracy. Our calculator uses a median drayage figure for budgeting, not the lowest, making it a bit more realistic in terms of final cost that other calculators. We use a straight time/overtime combo when estimating as this is a good way to budget even if there is a possibility of the freight going out on overtime.

Always be aware that each show and show city has its own rules. Be sure to thoroughly read all the fine print of your service kit so that you don’t overlook something that may have a large cost consequence.

Get more information and tips on drayage from expert Michael Gray, here.

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  • Advance Shipments to General Contractor - $102.88
  • Crated, Direct to Show Site - $96.96
  • Crated, Direct to Show Site w/ Special Handling - $132.00
  • Uncrated/Loose, Direct to Show Site - $149.46

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  1. Calculation is an estimate and may not reflect final billing.
  2. Drayage averages are based on 2015 Exhibition & Event Industry Labor Rates Survey, Access Intelligence Research & Consulting, in association with the Exhibit Designers & Producers Association (EDPA) and the Event Marketing Institute.