Echo Case to Counter Workstation

06/01/15 by EE Team

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Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire demo you will need to watch the video

Today we are going to talk about is the Boomerang Counter called Echo. Shape shown in video  to see why it is called the boomerang counter. Here are some of the features of the boomerang counter:

  • It gives you a wide area for a front reception counter. With this area you can put a candy dish, drop box or literature or even a little monitor and still have area on the other side to greet people.
  • It opens up into a nice wide counter – let’s take a look by dismantling the counter
    • Remove the skirt
    • Remove front graphic panel
    • Unclip, fold and remove counter top
    • Backside has 4 shelves that you can take off and pack in the straps
    • Pack and Go
    • The purpose of this is that you can ship your backwall and your front reception counter all together in one case
    • Once it all packs up you can put your shipping label and it is good to go with wheels

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