Exhibitor Live 2015 – Finished Exhibit Update

02/18/15 by EE Team

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Alright we did it! The Exhibitor Lounge in a 10’ x 10’ space ready to go to ExhibitorLive, 2015. It’s packing day and that is why I am dressed casual and now it becomes a Warehouse Operation.

Before we pack this up, I wanted you to understand where we came from. You remember the original Exhibitor Lounge set and so this is now all the planning that we have done for 5 to 6 weeks to turn this into a 10’ x 10’ exhibit that we can take to the show.

We decided to add the right side counter instead of putting a tripod and added a  monopod to shoot at an angle into the interview chair. We wanted all the theme to look right so we added the vinyl wrap on the counter to match the back wall We added 2 spotlights to keep the shadow off from everybody’s faces while interviewing  –  one spotlight with strong intensity on the right side and one behind the laptop on the left side for a lower intensity. So that answers the question as to how to get a good side angle on the interview chairs. We put all the sound equipment underneath the counter for easy access in between shoots for sound adjustment. The camera that we are using is high definition with 64 gigs and higher memory cards that can shoot hours and hours of video, like a self-serve operation. We have the Exhibitor Lounge postcards and business cards on the same counter. That is all what we wanted on the right side counter to avoid any kind of vibrations when shooting live.

Over to the left side counter, also calling it the big SIGN-UP counter for 200-300 sign-ups  a day. Having such a small space for booth flow, we had to think of good ways for multiple people to sign up simultaneously. We added the laptop, a paper-version for attendees to add their name and email and created a slot to for attendees to directly insert business cards. This way we will be able to store information 3 different ways and multiple people can sign up at the same time hence maximizing our efforts of getting 1-2 sign ups a minute.

While we are working the sign-up counter, we are also going to be shooting live and interviewing. All of you are invited to come up and say anything about the trade show industry, ask questions, speak your mind. I know in the previous video, we talked about costs and that might be something that you may want to address.

For our message, we decided to put a vinyl wrap with sub title “Free Training Videos” on the exhibit in order to tell people “What is the Exhibitor Lounge.” We added the fabric side walls great for the camera as when we shoot, our neighbors will not be visible. Everything was kept even and the sidewalls were matched with the main theme. The LED lights were added up top to flood the Exhibitor Lounge logo and new carpet was put on to the stage and floor for a cleaner look.

We want you to come by and learn about Exhibitor Lounge, learn about Exhibit Edge who is the sponsor of Exhibitor Lounge and be part of the interview. We are going to make this video and professionally edit it so that you can show and tell all your customers and friends on future episodes on Exhibitor Lounge

Hey, as always, please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about EXHIBITOR LOUNGE.COM. We will see you next week. Until then, I am your host Michael Gray telling you to RELAX in the Exhibitor Lounge. We will see you live at the ExhibitorLive, 2015 show in Las Vegas coming up in 2 weeks.

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