How to Plan Ahead for Your Exhibit (Before You Hit the Drawing Board)

07/20/12 by Bev

Prior to picking up your pen or sitting at your computer to begin designing your next exhibit, there are a few things you should think about or ask yourself.  It may seem like the creation journey is long enough as it is; but if you stop before ever going down that road and plan ahead successfully, your end product is far more likely to be exactly what you were looking for!

At Exhibit Edge, we always want our clients to determine a few of the below issues before we begin the process of designing and constructing their exhibits.  Having knowledge of these ensures that we pinpoint exactly what our clients want and what will best reach their audience of attendees.

Corporate Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the guide we will use for the overall feel of the exhibit.  Whether your company is service oriented, B2B, technical, people focused, etc., dictates the design, flow, materials, and other such specifications.  You want your attendees to have a visual and physical experience relevant to that which they will receive from your company, your employees, and your services.

Corporate Marketing Program

We will want a background of the current marketing initiatives in which you are engaged.  Do you utilize billboards, television or radio commercials, direct mail campaigns, web and social media marketing?  A previous marketing presence at an event or another trade show makes for a good building block or learning lesson for the upcoming exhibit show.  All of this helps us to understand how you communicate with your audience and your style of marketing to translate into your exhibit design.

Target Audiences

As with any other customer-facing facet of your business, you must know your audience.  We will need to know the targeted clientele you hope to reach through your exhibit.  Are you simply trying to get your name out there, or are you hoping to come away with a long list of new customers?  Will you be competing at the event against other similar companies for your attendees’ attention?  You should put yourself in your audience’s shoes and determine how you want them feeling once they leave your booth – excited, educated, motivated, reassured?  Knowing your audience and your intentions with them will guide us through the development process.

Exhibit Requirements

Starting with the basics, we will need to know the type of display you are wanting, the size parameters, and any special functionality you will need.  If you’ve never exhibited previously and/or are not sure how to even begin knowing these details, we will happily walk you through all of these decisions.  Every company varies in their requirements and desires, from electronic displays to food serving/storage to rotating platforms, so we will help you prudently decide what design best encompasses both your needs and your wish list for your next exhibit.

Exhibit Fabrication Budget

It always seems to come down to money; but as far as your total exhibit budget, it is helpful to break this down by costs to better determine how much can be allotted for all the different areas.  You may not even have thought about expenses such as custom crating or carpeting, so we’re here to help you through our cost worksheet so you can know what to expect in each step of the exhibit fabrication process.

If you’re ready to take the leap into exhibiting, call us to begin working through each of these and watch how your vision becomes reality.  You’ll be surprised what a little pre-planning can do!

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