How to Select a Booth Space Utilizing Cost Saving Ideas

Now, let’s save some money in a large part of your trade show budget – your booth space cost.

I know.  You will tell me that booth spaces cost about the same amount per unit at any given show and you would be correct – but let’s think outside of the box.

If you had an unlimited budget what would be the best type of booth space?

Of course it would be the island exhibit. Why? Because it satisfies three important criteria.

1. They offer the best visibility by giving you the maximum height available for signage.

2. They offer the most open style of exhibit, having aisles on all sides.

3. They are usually grouped in the most favorable locations on the show floor.

So knowing these three benefits, let’s look at alternatives to the island exhibit if it is out of your budget.

The FIRST tip would be to get a perimeter booth space. That is a space along the outer edges of the show that would offer the ability to raise signage higher than a standard space. Even better, look for a perimeter space that you can see easily, off in the distance, as you look down each aisle. Here, it’s all about visibility. Most perimeter spaces will let you raise signage 12 to 16′ tall where standard spaces will limit you to only 8′. You get visibility more like an island space for the price of a standard space.

The SECOND tip would be to get a corner exhibit or a peninsula exhibit at the end of a row. You can get two aisles, or in the case of the peninsula exhibit, you get three aisles for the price of one. The more open space you have the more inviting you will be.

The THIRD tip is really thinking outside the box. Look at the floor plan and find a good island exhibit space – let’s say a typical 20 x 20. Talk to another exhibitor about going in on an island space and splitting the cost. You get a 10 x 20 and so do they. Ask the show sales people if they are willing to split the island space in two.  Hey – It’s worth a try. You may need to pay for the divider drape but also try asking for it to be included when you sign up for the space. Also ask that the booth numbers be updated so each company has a separate number.

Now that you share a great space, get creative. Put up a double-sided banner (one side for each company) at maximum height and share the cost.

After all, that is why you are doing this in the first place – height and visibility. The whole idea is to use spaces that offer the best flexibility, visibility and location.

Next week we will finish our series on quality booth locations by looking at the floor plan to avoid mistakes and problem areas.

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We will see you next week.  Until then, I am your host Michael Gray telling you to RELAX in the Exhibitor Lounge.