Interview with James Zacharias, BruMark – Live from the ExhibitorLive Show 2015

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Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire interview you will need to watch the video.

Here is an interview I want to highlight this week that was conducted at the ExhibitorLive Show 2015 held in Vegas in March with James Zacharias, Events Services, BruMark.

Mike Gray (Host): What brings you to the show floor?

James Z. (Guest):  BruMark has been here for so many years and we are here to provide total flooring solutions to all our clients and really just get out the message that flooring is viable product-driven, brand-driven solution to help exhibitors promote their brand and get the best ROI possible to meet the design and meet their needs for what they are exhibiting for.

Mike Gray (Host): Tell us a little about your company BruMark?

James Z. (Guest):  BruMark has been around for over 30 years and we are innovators in the exhibit industry. We have provided countless new, fun and exciting products to the exhibit industry like the magnitude flooring that we introduced here at this ExhibitorLive show 2015. We have brought our Trac Flex which is a buyer’s choice award 5 years ago. We are all about customer satisfaction, our motto is “customer is the center of our universe.” We also have carpets in stocks and have 30 clients just on this Exhibitor Show 2015.

Mike Gray (Host): Our sponsor Exhibit Edge is a big fan of your carpeting. You also do the linoleums and the big thick padding that we use often. One question: If you had one thing you would like to say to the trade show community, what would that be?

James Z. (Guest): Flooring is viable as any other component within your trade show design or property. It can gain ROI, it can gain exposure and it can meet the needs of your brand.

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