Celebrating 25 Years: Luxury Solutions for Any Budget

09/15/17 by EE Team


For 30 years, Exhibit Edge has prided themselves in being a well-rounded exhibit sales and service provider for the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area (DMV), bringing a full-gambit of products and services to clients in both the government and private sectors. Now, at the beginning of their 25th year, Exhibit Edge is proud to announce a new dedication to companies in the DMV area.


“We realize that as the DMV area gets modernized and innovated, companies are looking for vendor partners that provide not only excellent service and products but special touches that make them (and us) stand out. We built this company and grew it for 30 years with the belief that providing personalized, dedicated services is always an important aspect of this business.” Bev Gray, CEO and President says, “We’re redesigning the way we do business to further these efforts even more, than ever before. It took a long time, and some hard looks in the mirror. We listened to our clients and are rebuilding our company’s culture and operational systems to be more efficient, more cost-effective, and more results driven. All customers, who come through the door, will get that sleek, luxurious exhibit without breaking the bank and receive an unprecedented level of customer service.”


In addition to the new culture and operational efficiency, Exhibit Edge is also unveiling a new brand to demonstrate this change to their company. The new brand, features a logo design, by Donna Malak, inspired by the late Maurits Cornelis Escher, a.k.a. M.C. Escher, who created masterpiece graphic designs highlighting optical illusion, perpetual motion, and impossibility. The concept behind the design is to demonstrate the organized chaos that is a trade show program. What may seem impossible to their clients is well within the capabilities of Exhibit Edge and their practices of “Intelligent Exhibiting®.”









“We wanted something clean and lustrous, but also something that demonstrated the complexity of this business and what we do. This logo plays with your eyes and imprints itself in your mind. I think this is a momentous change for Exhibit Edge.” Donna Malak says, regarding her brand creation. “When Bev approached me about changing our business cards, I wasn’t anticipating a full rebranding to come from those conversations. As the discussion progressed it was obvious a full redesign of the brand was the way to go. I feel the result we achieved was well worth the time we spent over the last several months.”


With a focus on delivering luxury products and services in a one-size-fit-all industry, Exhibit Edge is currently experiencing greater success than ever before. Usually staying within the supplier diversity, financial, technology, and government sector, Exhibit Edge has been privileged to dive into new spaces such as fashion, video games, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturing. As they pursue newer markets and further extend their offerings, you can be sure that Exhibit Edge will continue to gain momentum as a go-to Exhibit House on the East Coast.

Exhibit Edge Celebrates 25 Years


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