Marketing Strategies Wrap Up with Mike Gruenberg

Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire interview you will need to watch the video.

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Mike Gray (host) – This will be our last session with our guest Mr. Mike Gruenberg from Gruenberg Consulting who has shared with us some of his great trade show marketing strategies. Mike mentioned to me that we missed an important point during the “At the Show” video which talked about “Taking a competitor to breakfast!”

Mike Gruenberg (guest) – That is absolutely right Mike. Part of the reason why you are at a trade show is to learn about your competitors. Trade shows are where you meet all the people working in your industry who do the same thing that you do. For years, I would take my counterparts from other companies to breakfast and be amazed at the information they would share. It is all about thinking outside the box.

Mike Gray – That is a great tip Mike. Now let’s talk about what to do after the show is over?

Mike Gruenberg – Yes. A few days after the show is over; you have a WebEx that is basically a meeting on everything that happened at the show. For example, what received a great response at the show and what did not, future plans on improvement etc. It is also very important to acknowledge the sales people who performed well and met their goals. As head of sales or as the owner of a company, it is good to acknowledge people as it brings enormous amounts of recognition for team members who have done well for your company.

Mike Gray – Mike, you always say “we do a great job but can always do better.” Is that what you also bring up in those meetings?

Mike Gruenberg – Yes, you talk to the people that were on the trade show floor. You want to know what worked and what did not work for them and if there is any room for improvement on it. At the end of the day it is the company’s objective is to increase revenue by trade show participation.

Mike Gray – It is not only questions like what worked and what did not but you would also ask sales general questions on the overall trade show participation.

Mike Gruenberg – It is very important to get feedback from all participants. Based on responses from those who attended the show the company may decide not to participate in the show again, which is fine. The next thing to discuss in that meeting is to how to distribute the leads. It is important that the person assigned to distribute the leads knows how to differentiate between “hot” leads that need immediate follow up and the “cold” ones. They must be able to assign them to each sales person. There is nothing worse than keeping a prospect waiting on a follow up call from the sales person.

“To summarize, it is important that you have the follow up meeting with the sales team a week after the show and have all the leads ready to distribute so that prospects are not waiting.”

Mike Gray- Thanks Mike. We are going to end this with my last question about how to conduct competitor surveillance?

Mike Gruenberg – Again, you and your competitors are there. Go by their booth, see what they are doing, take their brochure and discuss your findings with the team.

Mike Gray – To clarify, with our Exhibitor Badge on and being a competitor, do we just walk into their booth?

Mike Gruenberg – No actually that would be improper. However, if you are walking in the aisle, by their booth, and see something they are doing then that would be just basic surveillance.

Mike Gray- The best way to learn is to see what your competitor is doing.

Mike Gruenberg – When I first started in the business, my boss and I would walk up and down every aisle. It is good to see and learn what your competitors are doing. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. It is really good to learn from people in your business that are doing the same thing that you are doing.

Mike Gray- We want to thank Michael Gruenberg from for coming to Exhibitor Lounge as our first guest and sharing his great marketing tips with our viewers.


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