The Exhibitor’s Checklist Guide to Trade Show Planning – Part 6

02/24/15 by EE Team

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Ok we have spent the last five weeks talking about the preparation of our 10 x 10 exhibit going to the ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas. We have done a lot of planning so today I want to recap the checklist and show you our checklist development to give you an idea of how to plan for a show. If you don’t remember the 4 main categories of the checklist I can give them to you again. They are:

  1. The Message
  2. The Technical Approach
  3. Booth Flow and Lead Capture
  4. Logistics

So first let’s recap the details and planning for the first main category – The Message

The outline for this topic was developed as follows:

  1. Question: Would people walking by the exhibit know what The Exhibitor Lounge is? Probably not. We answered that by putting “Free Training Videos” in big vinyl letters on the front of the stage and on one outer side wall.
  1. Question: How would we advertise? This is  a big answer so I will segment it for you:
    1. We would make sure we were in the show directory for people to take home.
    2. We would add a second counter to put brochures out for attendees.
    3. We would buy an ad in Exhibit City News that would be distributed at the show.
    4. We would purchase logoed shot glasses to give out to people who would sign up at the show.
    5. We would use our extensive contact lists to send emails and physical postcards inviting everyone to visit our booth at the show.
    6. We are also sending our current subscribers a special invitation to be interviewed live at the show.
    7. We are also getting our vendors and manufacturing partners to participate in live interviews by contacting them ahead of time and setting up time slots each day.

We all agreed that the pre-show campaign was very important to “get the buzz started” and for people to know that they can see the actual Exhibitor Lounge studio live to the show.

  1. Question: How would we promote Exhibit Edge and should we? Answer: We would have the Exhibit Edge logo prominent on the back-wall and on the front counter. After all Exhibit Edge is sponsoring everything. The purpose of the Exhibitor Lounge is to offer free Trade Show training and tips and in return we would hope that you would look to Exhibit Edge for help when you have any exhibit needs.

So that covers how the first category – The Message – was tackled.  Next we will look at all the discussions and answers developed for category two –The Technical Approach.

As always, please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about EXHIBITOR LOUNGE.COM. We will see you next week. Until then, I am your host Michael Gray telling you to RELAX in the Exhibitor Lounge.

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