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An Interview with Danny Orleans, Trade Show Magician

10/04/10 by Brandon

We’re continuing our ‘Trade Show Experts’ interview series with a very interesting and entertaining topic this week!  Our expert is Danny Orleans, a Chicago-based profes...

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An Interview with Peter LoCascio of Trade Show Consultants

09/20/10 by Brandon

We recently had a chance to interview Peter LoCascio of Trade Show Consultants.  Peter has extensive experience in the trade show industry, and we’re sure that the information h...

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Modular Trade Show Exhibits

08/30/10 by Brandon

Manufactured modular exhibit systems offer a wide range of designs and options.  Typically, the frames and hardware that create each unique exhibit are already manufactured.  Dep...

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Brief Trade Show History

08/23/10 by Brandon

Trade shows, in various forms and venues, have been around since the beginning of time. In medieval times in Europe, produce and craft producers visited towns for trading fairs, to...

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08/16/10 by Brandon

Welcome to Exhibit Edge’s first blog on our new website! For our maiden blog, I decided to tell you what you can expect from the information posted on our new website and blog...

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