Full Service Display House: Don’t Do It Alone!

01/22/13 by Bev

Full Service Trade Show Firm


Have you ever been in this situation?  You receive an estimate for some services you need performed; and once you see the numbers, you think to yourself, “I can totally do this myself!”

For many of us, those have been famous last words!  Whether it be projects in your home or business, many times our attempts to take on challenges we’re not equipped for has cost us dearly in the long run.

If you are beginning out in the process of preparing for an exhibit at a trade show or convention, you may be tempted to handle each step yourself.  After all, how hard can it be?

For some of you, you may have the internal resources to do just that, especially if you have been through the process before.  For most of you, though, you definitely should consider enlisting the help of a Full Service Display House.

A Full Service Display House, such as Exhibit Edge, can help you from conception to completion.  Their comprehensive services include the following: graphic and exhibit design, production, custom fabrication, storage and preparation of exhibit properties, and logistical show floor services.  They should be able to take you from an idea in your head to the completed exhibit on the show floor.

There are countless details, tasks, and points to remember when going through the exhibiting process.  With a Full Service Display House, you can leave all this to the experts and not have to worry about forgetting that one important “make or break” detail.  In a world where “the show must go on,” having a Full Service Display House in your pocket will help guarantee a successful exhibiting experience, even if those last-minute emergencies do occur.

If you think you should probably leave this to the professionals, there are some important questions you need to ask before hiring a Full Service Display House.

In-House Services

  • Do you provide exhibit and graphic design?
  • Do you produce graphics?
  • Do you fabricate custom exhibits and components?
  • Do you have a fee schedule showing in-house vs. third party services?


  • Do you have climate-controlled storage?
  • Do your loading docks meet tractor-trailer height?
  • Where will my exhibits be stored?
  • Do you have exhibit rental properties?

Other Services

  • Do you have online inventory capabilities?
  • How many people are assigned to my account, and what will they be doing?
  • What are your procedures for trade show execution?
  • What manufacturing brands do you support and service?
  • Do you have union contracts?  If so, what cities do you support with union labor?

If you are ready to begin the process of planning for and creating your next exhibit, we are happy to answer all these questions and more and get you started right away!  Think twice about doing all this yourself, and give us a call today!


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