Interview with Mike Morrison – Live from the ExhibitorLive Show 2015

04/22/15 by EE Team

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Note: This text is a paraphrase. To see the entire interview you will need to watch the video.

Today, I am here with Mike Morrison from beMatrix, USA at the ExhibitorLive Show 2015.
Mike Gray (Host): What brings you to the show floor?

Mike Morrison (Guest):  We are showing b62 frames that have tremendous advantages  – primarily it is light weight, you can use SEG fabric graphics on either side of the frame or hard panels without any additional parts or pieces and it is tools free which is huge right now in the install and dismantle world of a custom exhibit. Because labor costs a lot of money, you would want to use tool-less system to keep the labor at minimum. These factors make our b62 frames very popular.

Mike Gray (Host): Just to let our audience know that we have used the b62 frames with SEG fabrics for our ExhibitorLounge Exhibit side panels.

My next question to Mike Morrison: Tell us a little about your company and its global presence?

Mike Morrison (Guest):  beMatrix started out in Belgium known as DeltaLight. This company creates (and still does) extrusion to place LED light inside of the holes to be used in bars, restaurants, lounges etc. as accent lighting. DeltaLight made these frames, but less than 1% of the total business. That being said, the owners decided to sell that part of the business to two of our partners for beMatrix USA and beMatrix worldwide Edwin Van der Vennet and Stefaan Decroos who renamed the company to be called beMatrix. They came to U.S. and the proprietary owner of the license to sell beMatrix in America was Robert Laarhoven and Lance Wachholz who had Laarhoven design at the time. The Belgium owners joined Robert and Lance and rebranding was done. They formulated a four-way partnership between Lance and Robert and Edwin and Stefaan and formulated beMatrix USA. We handle the American and Canadian customer base from our Atlanta location where we are also are currently in the process of representing in Central and  Southern America. This will finalize our worldwide presence already having footage in Europe, Asia, India and Australia.

Mike Gray (Host): If you had one thing you could say to the trade show community what would it be?

Mike Morrison (Guest): My experience has been in the stick extrusion world. I have been in the industry for 16 years, started with German stick extrusion company for several years and then a dye-sub company who also used extrusion but they utilized tools and that in itself is a huge component in our sermon when we talk to people. If you are tired of using all those tools during installation and dismantle, you can avoid by using our company’s b62 system. Even though we do not sell to end-users however it is our customers like Exhibit Edge and Exhibitor Lounge that cater to end-user needs. We supply the frames to you and you supply the total package, the total exhibit to the client. That is our forte and that is our business the way we do. If you are considering our system for your next trade show exhibit, talk to your exhibit company to get more information on the b62 tool-less frame system.

Mike Gray (Host): Congratulations Mike and I know Exhibit Edge, our sponsor, is a big believer of this b62 frame system.

As always please respond with your questions or comments and let others know about  We will see you next week. Until then I’m your host, Michael Gray, telling you to relax in the exhibitor lounge.


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