The Different World of Banner Stands – Part 1

12/01/16 by EE Team

This week I am going to talk about the world of banner stands. You’ve probably seen banner stands in airplane magazines advertised at $250.00 including the graphic, and then you probably bought banner stands at the higher price tag. So what is that makes the prices of banner stands vary so much?

In the showroom at Exhibit Edge, we have different styles of banner stands and we show them at different price points. We have the Pearl, Sapphire and Diamond. Today we are going to talk about the Pearl Banner Stand. As you can tell by the different types of tones, one is more valuable than the others, where the Pearl is the least expensive.

The Pearl is the most economical banner stand with a lower price point in the $200-$300.00 area, including the graphic. So what leads to the economical price point? It’s not the graphic, as it is made separately and added to the banner stand. It is all in the hardware.

First let me explain to you what the hardware is comprised of:

  • The spring that is inside the bottom housing
  • The pole that supports the banner stand
  • The top that connects to the actual banner stand

With the Pearl, the spring used is very economical with thinner quality. The pole is going to use a thinner gauge metal and the top part is plastic, so the hardware is one of the big differences. The other main difference is in mobility. Since it is a fixed pole, there is no adjustability. It can only be used at full height

To summarize: It is a good, economical banner and stand with lower cost. If you have 2-3 events a year, this would be a great banner stand to purchase. However, because of its low cost hardware, you will not be able to leave the banner at full height for extended periods in the lobby, showroom, or at shows, as the tension that is created when it is pulled at full height is going to wear out the spring.

One last note: the Pearl generally only comes with a limited manufacturer warranty. If something were to break or wear out after 90 days, you’d have to replace it out of pocket.

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