The Exhibitor Manual – Plumbing Services

06/10/14 by EE Team

Plumbing services are standard for events like homebuilders, RV, Boat and Food shows. Plumbing services include compressed air, water, drainage, and natural gas.

Let’s start with compressed air. A service line is usually a 3/8” I.D. meaning (Inside diameter) line with a PSI or (Pounds per square inch) of between 90 and 225. It can also be measured in Cubic feet per minute or (CFM). Basically it states how much air flow the compressor pushes per minute. The higher the CFM the stronger the airflow. Compressed air lines usually come standard with a ¼” quick coupler. Exhibitors are required to bring their own regulator or some facilities have them available for rent. If you need this type of service then this would all make sense to you. So let’s move on to water.

Most purposes for water are for self-contained displays that have a water reservoir tank that needs to be filled to get the exhibit started. Think of a shower head demonstration that would recycle water through a drain and pump to move it constantly through the shower head. You see this quite frequently at a homebuilders show. The way water is charged is to fill these tanks, waterbeds or pools by charging a unit rate of between 100 and 500 gallons per unit. If you need a constant water supply for a food show demonstration then you would pay for the water hook-up and the drain service. This can be for hot or cold hook-up or both. You can even rent the sink, if needed. Connections sizes are usually ½” or 3/4” pipe connections. Drainage connections are usually charged a one-time fee to make the connection only.

Next is a natural gas connection. Exhibitors are not allowed to bring gas cylinders into a trade show so they would be required to order a natural gas connection from the facility. Service connections can be anywhere from 1,000 BTU’s to 50,000 BTU’s with an average of 5 oz. of pressure available. The cost for each hookup includes the gas used. The exhibitor is usually required to provide the shut off valve that would be part of the unit being hooked up.


General recommendations for plumbing services state that if air, water, and natural gas pressure are critical, exhibitors should make arrangements to have a pressure regulator valve installed. Facilities do not guarantee minimum and maximum pressure. It is also usually suggested that exhibitors provide a filter-separator for all equipment requiring air connections. The facility is not responsible for moisture or water in air lines.


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